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America’s oil addiction funds terrorist enemies

The 21st century has been with us for 10 years. The political game of “do nothing” must come to an end.

The problems our country face now are global. There are no comfort zones left for the common man.

The longer we delay the change over from dirty fuels to clean energy, the more the costly economic shock will be.

Right now, our oil addiction is putting weapons in the hands of terrorists. Have you ever wondered why dirt poor, living-in-huts, people have automatic weapons? Think no more, fill up your tank.

If I fail to mention illegal drugs, it’s because there isn’t room in this opinion. America needs energy independence, not only from where it comes from, but from our wasteful use of it.

The cost of starting a new system will be alarming. This is where the politicians fall on their faces. Only the brave, who don’t plan on a lifetime position of double talk and delay should apply for those jobs. Government regulation have, and can, push inventiveness.

New products and services will emerge from mandated necessity. The application of Cap and Trade, EPA regulations, fuel taxes and the like, will make it profitable for business Investors to create and develop alternatives.

Building a new smart grid will become a reality. Those who are foot dragging now for profit won’t be able to go backwards, our very future depends on our drive forward.

The place America keeps in this worldwide competition depends on our investment now for that future. If we pursue the lofty goal of 100 percent energy efficiency and zero environmental impact, jobs will be created in our clean industrial revolution. Educating our children to fill those technology jobs must start now.

Reviving America and the planet is imperative. Our success as a nation depends on all of our ability to eat, sleep and think conservation. The hard fact is we can’t keep mindlessly consuming and destroying our environment.

Believe it or not there is a tipping point, that point of no return, we are closer than we think.

It’s up to us, what we demand, what we buy, the policy changes we need to accept in the short term will grant our future generations the assurance of those natural resources that bring life and biodiversity to a living planet.

Our legacy should not be leaving them a fight for survival on a dying rock once called Earth.

Patricia Littlejohn

Kitts Hill