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Ironton police

ASSAULT — Fifth and Hecla streets, Friday, woman reportedly assaulted. Man taken to sheriff’s office.

VANDALISM — 1600 block of Fourth Street Friday, youth placing traffic cones in middle of street, items brought to station.

VANDALISM — Courthouse, Fourth Street Saturday, car windows broken into.

NUISANCE — Floodwall, Saturday, youth throwing items at cars, unable to locate.

TROUBLE — Latonia Street Saturday, youth throwing rocks at metal building, mother advised.

FIGHT — North Fifth and Hecla streets Saturday, possible fight, parties advised and sent away.

DISPUTE — 3100 block of South Third Street Saturday, parties separated and advised.

RECKLESS OPERATION — Sta-Tan Saturday, motorcycle reportedly speeding over area, citation issued.

DRUNK FEMALE — Peddler’s Saturday, woman reportedly under influence, causing disturbance, taken to sheriff’s office.

TROUBLE — Open Door School, Monday, unruly student, child sent to hospital by SEOEMS.

VANDALISM — Orchard Street, Monday, car windows broken out.

THEFT — 2500 block of South Sixth Street Monday, lawnmower taken.

THEFT — Phillips Street Monday, back fence taken down, patio table and chairs taken, items recovered.

TRESPASSING — Woodland Cemetery Monday, three boys reported going into cemetery after hours, negative contact.

TROUBLE — Open Door School, Tuesday, unruly student.

RECKLESS OPERATION — Ironton-Russell Bridge Tuesday, van allegedly ran female off road on U.S. 23, negative contact.