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Ohio University begins two master’s programs at Ironton and Chillicothe campuses

Ohio University’s Principal Preparation Program is scheduled to begin June 22 at the Chillicothe and Southern Campuses. The program represents a perfect blend of on-line and in-class courses and the practical and conceptual aspects of the principalship.

The Principal Preparation Program provides an opportunity for individuals, who aspire to become administrators, to obtain a master’s degree in educational administration and a principal license during a twenty-four month period.

During the two summer sessions of the program, the students register for and complete approximately half of the courses.

This approach helps to minimize the expectations of the students during the school year and reduce the overall cost of the program. Students only meet on 9 occasions during the period between September and June.

The master’s degree portion of the program can be completed in five quarters. Three more quarters are needed to complete the balance of the licensure coursework.

The program provides its students with an opportunity to become knowledgeable in a substantive manner about the operation of a school and to hit the ground running as administrators.

The Principal Preparation Program is nationally recognized by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC www.npbea.org/ncate.php).

The program’s graduates tend to do exceptionally well on the required Praxis test, to be employed as administrators based upon the strong reputation of the program, and to do well once they become principals.

For additional information, contact Bill Larson at larsonw@ohio.edu or 740-533-4580. For admissions requirements visit our website at www.coe.ohiou.edu/academics/es/ea/rural-principals.htm.