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Memorial Hall’s historic legacy not fully clear

At the site http://memorialhall.chaotic-viper.com/index.html, I found the following comment: “Ironton Legion Post # 433 efforts are continuing in their efforts to restore their former home.

Depending on your knowledge of this effort the long story short is that it was built for the veterans and later taken away from them by the City of Ironton.

This happened in 1955 when the existing legion organization lost their charter. The city government and associated offices occupied the building until about 1996. They moved because the building became unserviceable, as they had performed little or no maintenance.

As the veterans passed on from the Civil War a new veterans organization was formed in 1919 and took over the building. That group was The American Legion Post # 59. They maintained the building and kept true to her origins from 1919 until 1955. Then they lost their charter from the state.

There was a little known clause in the deeds of the property, a reverter clause. This clause gave the City of Ironton the ability to care for and control the building if veteran activity ceased to exist in the building.”

I know from my own personal experience that the city did not move into this building in 1955, as stated, and, in fact, know that it was inhabited by city hall in 1949.

I also am fairly certain that city hall inhabited this building during the 1940s as well.

Does anyone know when the city evicted the veterans from Memorial Hall and established city hall within the building?

Carl Adkins

Plattsmouth, Neb.