Special concrete can aid pollution efforts

Published 10:24 am Thursday, May 6, 2010

SOUTH POINT — When it carries an earthen gold tint, it jazzes up a driveway. When it’s used in a commercial setting, it can be a way to control pollution.

It is pervious concrete or the kind of concrete where water runs through. And officials from the Ohio Ready Mix Concrete Association gave the public a demonstration of how to pour the substance Wednesday afternoon at the Greater Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.

One of the main features of pervious concrete over conventional concrete is the lack of sand. That allows water to run through.

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Operators from Southern Ohio trained in the morning and then did the demonstration as part of their certification process.

Among the features of either concrete over asphalt is a significantly reduced ambient temperature, meaning areas will be cooler.

“This reduces the amount of air conditioning,” Mark Pardi, Central/Southeastern Ohio director of the Ohio Concrete.

Pervious concrete can also be effective in storm water management.

“It lets the water pass through and filters it in the ground as opposed to letting it run off and carry pollution,” according to Carrie Yaniko of the Lawrence Soil and Water Conservation District.

Those attending the class were eligible for national certification. This was the first time the association had conducted the class in Southern Ohio.

Although the product has a pebbly look, it is as solid as the conventional substance. But this look has also made it an option for decorative drive or sidewalks as the oil that coats the concrete can offer color choices.