Published 11:40 am Friday, August 27, 2010

County Jail

— Rick D. Hunnicutt, 32, of 1810 E. Wayne Ave., Portsmouth, warrants for arrest Wednesday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

— William Hart, 25, of 201 Evans St., Oak Hill, warrants for arrest Wednesday by the Ironton Municipal Court.

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Sheriff’s reports

Petty Theft – 300 Block of County Road 410 South Point Aug. 20, dog taken from Petland.

Domestic Violence – 21 Private Drive 72 Apt. 3, South Point, man reportedly threatened his mother. Suspect named.

Disorderly conduct- 48 Township Rd. 1508, Fayette Township, intoxicated man cursing in street, armed with brass knuckles and billy club. Jason S. Tackett, 278 County Rd. 276 South Point, arrested and taken to jail.

Assault – 100 block of Township Rd. 1049 Ironton, Aug. 21, man allegedly assaulted woman. Christopher Ferris, 28, of 158 Township Rd. 1049 Ironton, arrested and taken to jail.

Unauthorized use of vehicle – 2500 block of South Seventh Street, Ironton Aug. 22, man allegedly took his mother’s car, drove it into a ditch. Larry Pemberton, 54, of 2519 S. Seventh St. Ironton, arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, unauthorized use of vehicle.

Domestic Violence – Township Road. 1031, South Point, Aug. 22, man allegedly pinned wife to the ground, yelled at her. Caleb Fry, 27, of 86 Township Rd. 1031, South Point, arrested and taken to jail.

Counterfeit bills – 200 block of County Rd. 410, South Point, Aug. 22, woman reportedly tried to pass three counterfeit bills at Speedway. Suspect named.

Burglary – 11100 block of State Route 243, South Point, Aug 22, house broken into, medication, jewelry, other items taken.

Theft – 500 block of County Road 1, South Point, Aug. 22, woman’s computer stolen.

Grand Theft – 8100 Block of County Road 1, South Point, Aug. 23, car stolen. No suspects at this time.

Domestic Violence – man and woman fighting with son. The woman asked son to leave and he struck their vehicles with a metal post, punched holes in walls and knocked over TV and curio cabinet, threw a coffee maker at her and slashed her arm. Suspect named.

Ironton Police

Found item – 1000 Block of S. Fifth Street Wednesday, purse with ID, found by out building, item picked up.

Trouble — Walnut and Spruce streets Wednesday – two juveniles running in the street. Negative contact.

Trouble – Ironton- Russell Bridge Wednesday – two subjects on bridge wouldn’t get out of the way. Negative contact.

Vandalism – area of Sharon Baptist Church Wednesday – car windows broken out.

Harassment – McDonald’s Wednesday – juvenile receiving harassing phone calls. Officers tried to make contact with suspect, left message.

Vandalism – 1500 block of South Seventh Street Wednesday – cars in church lot vandalized.

Theft – 500 block of Wyanoke Street Wednesday, television stolen.