Published 10:13 am Friday, September 3, 2010

Sheriff’s Office

Internet — County Road 53, Kitts Hill Tuesday, woman reports that a man wanted her daughter to add his name to the girl’s Facebook page. Man could be a possible registered sex offender. Under investigation.

Theft — County Road 35, Chesapeake Tuesday, woman reports that jewelry stolen and could be already pawned locally.

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Theft — Private Drive 856, South Point Sunday, man reports checks are stolen. Someone allegedly attempted to cash one, bank refused.

Criminal damaging — Township Road 1025, South Point, owner reports that sugar possibly put into gas tank of car.

Breaking and entering – Township Road 251, South Point, vacant house entered, refrigerator water line cut, electric off, heating system missing and ATV, pressure washer and go cart taken.

Petty theft — Chesapeake High School Monday, student alleges iPod taken by another student. Referred to juvenile court.