IHS tour brings back memories

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a busy week we have had. The Class of 1950 of IHS celebrated their 60th reunion of graduation. We had friends from Florida, North Carolina and upper Ohio as well as our local graduates.

Sunday we met at the museum and the piano, played by Sally Kettel Boll, sounded beautiful. We miss Jean Kinley with her playing the piano for us at the museum. It was a wonderful time including the tour of the IHS building.

Our tour guide, Dean Nance, pointed out the material of the old building that was included in the new building. One of the interesting places was the meeting room that used to be the library. A fireplace was discovered and bricks from the old building made a border around the opening of the fireplace.

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Over this was a large picture of the school building that was to be of the old building in 1922-1923, although it was not exactly as the building turned out. When it was announced that the levy passed, the picture fell from the wall and a broken place came through the middle.

It was not repaired because that was a story to be told.

Many things were shown to us that brought back memories. We really enjoyed it.

The Society received a thank-you note from the Community History Collection of Dayton, Ohio, telling us that they were pleased we took the enamel gas cooking stove, which was made in Ironton, back to its home place.

The membership number of our Society is a good number this year. This helped the Lawrence County Historical Society. Many were from out of town as well as local.

Coming soon: The museum will be closed the last two weeks of October and reopened again the first of November.

This closing gives the workers time to decorate the museum in a Victorian style for the Christmas Tea, which will be held November 20. Tickets will be $15. and you may make reservations with Mary Kay Rader at 534-9471. Tickets are limited so send soon if you wish to attend.

As of now, apple butter will be made in the side lawn of the museum Oct. 16. Apple butter will be on sale at this time (unless the weather turns bad).

Christmas Candlelight Church Walk will be Dec. 4.

This is a wonderful event to start your Christmas celebration and you will be served refreshments at the museum after your walk.

Historical Fact: Ironton Register, July 3, 1902 Many New Buildings (copied)

That the growth of Ironton is destined to be vigorous during the present summer is shown in the large number of new buildings in prospect.

All the architects in the city are rushed with work and Mr. T. S. Murray, into whose office a reporter dropped Thursday afternoon, is working on plans that will eventually add a large number of new and handsome structures to the general results of new construction.

Mr. Murray is working on the plans for The Ketter Buggy Company’s new factory manufacturing plant, 175 feet front on Third Street, of brick with stone trimmings and two stories in height.

A fine display room, fitted up with large windows and elevators and a commodious office will occupy the front of the building, while the display room will have an ornamental steel ceiling.

The plans will be ready in about 10 days and ground will be broken shortly thereafter.

The building will not only be well adapted for its purpose, but will add to the substantial and attractive appearance of the neighborhood.

Naomi Deer, LCHS