Floodwall levy protects city

Published 9:31 am Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It is been more than 73 years since the 1937 Flood devastated Ironton and parts of the Tri-State.

Since then Ironton voters have maintained the flood wall system that protects our homes, our property and our families.

This is only made possible by the support of taxpayers who have been committed to helping maintain the floodwall system through property taxes.

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Other than a small gap when it was allowed to expire a few years ago, this has been in place for decades. Ask just about anyone who was alive during the ’37 flood and they will tell you how important the current safeguards truly are.

Ironton voters have the opportunity on Nov. 2 to make sure the city’s floodwall system remains strong for at least another five years.

This levy — a replacement that will not increase property taxes for residents — is vital to our community.

For the price of a couple of pizzas a year taxpayers can ensure that the devastation of 1937 doesn’t happen again.

The city floodwall system is far more than just the concrete barriers that everyone sees. It also includes the earthen dams as well as more than 20 pump stations. They all work together to keep the area safe even when the Ohio River is cresting.

Property owners shouldn’t look at it as paying tax dollars but instead as making an investment to protect everything we hold dear.

We can make that investment at the polls on Nov. 2