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Candidates must know us

When it comes to choosing candidates for Ohio’s next governor and to represent the region in the U.S. House’s Sixth District, we need the individuals who understand and care about Southern Ohio.

It isn’t about party. It isn’t about personal agendas. The best candidates, regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on, are the ones who are in tune with the needs of Lawrence County and southern Ohio.

In these races those candidates are clearly Gov. Ted Strickland and Rep. Charlie Wilson. Both men have faced significant challenges, making some good decisions and some poor ones along the way.

But both are best suited to represent our region at a state and national level.

Strickland has been less than successful in many of his initiatives over the past four years. He has pushed a number of projects that range from questionable to downright flawed.

Education reform, high-speed rail and slot machines at Ohio’s race tracks are among the most glaring deficiencies.

But the governor has also been in office during perhaps the most challenging time in the state’s history and has attempted to tackle a few issues that his predecessors have ignored.

It is arguable that no other governor has faced the challenges that Strickland has faced. And let’s not forget the myriad of financial problems and political scandals that occurred just four years ago under the Republican-led Taft administration.

For Charlie Wilson the key is that he knows Lawrence County far better than any of his opponents and is working for the district.

Wilson has taken much criticism from his opponents and been called a rubber stamp for Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Although Wilson has supported several of the Democrats’ initiatives, he also voted against others that would have a negative impact on his district and our region. His opponents are quick to point out that Wilson has supported the health care reform, stimulus and other unpopular initiatives from the Obama administration.

But those same individuals have virtually no solutions when asked what they would have done to address the problems facing our nation. Doing nothing wasn’t an option.

We need representatives that understand our region and can work for us. Ted Strickland and Charlie Wilson stand head and shoulders above their opponents.