Students to participate in annual Eddy test

Published 10:29 am Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The annual Child Welfare Club’s Eddy Test will be held on Thursday, Feb. 3 at Ironton Middle School.

This year 37 sixth grade students from Ironton and St. Lawrence Catholic Schools qualified to take the test.

To qualify for the test, students at Ironton Middle School must score in the top 25 percent on the fifth grade Ohio Achievement Test. Standard scores in reading, math, social studies and science are totaled and ranked at the completion of the test.

For St. Lawrence students, the composite scores from any nationally recognized standardized test that measures scores in core subjects is used to determine eligibility.

Students who score in the top one-third of all Eddy Test participants will receive an Eddy Award and will be honored with their parents and guest at the Child Welfare Club’s scholastic banquet on May 12.

The participants from St. Lawrence Catholic School are: Bentlie Carrico, daughter of Jim and Julie Carrico; Jacob Isaac, son of Joe and Rita Isaac; Megan Riley, daughter of John and Kathy Riley; Bradley Rist, son of Tim and Pam Rist; Mason Slagel, son of Robert and Elizabeth Slagel; Isaac Walker, son of Paul and Pam Walker.

The test participants from Ironton Middle School are: Cherokee Dawn Alfrey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Alfrey; Emily Arbaugh, daughter of Curt Arbaugh; Peyton Arden, Daughter of Amanda Arden; Daniel Arthur, son of Tina and Danny Arthur; Vance Day, son of Eric and Sueann Day; Abby Diamond, daughter of Darren and Julie Diamond; Chandler Dodson, grandson of Wayne and Belvia Dodson; Trevin Dutey, son of Scott and Heather Duty; Alli Eastham, daughter of Chester and Carisa Eastham; Travis Vallero-Gayhart, son of Sondra and B. J. Gayhart; Dylan Herrmann-Holt, son of Jim and Beth Rudmann; Ethan Howell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Howell; Hannah Hunt, daughter of Brian and Lorrie Hunt; Shawn Jackson, son of Wes and Heather Jackson; Breanna Jones, daughter of Bill and Shirley Justice; Christopher Jones, son of Mr, and Mrs. Thomas C, Jones, Sr.; Breanna Klaiber, daughter of Bill and Melissa Klaiber; Rocky McDavid, son of Laura and Rock McDavid; Caroline Minsquero, daughter of Sandra Minsquero; Laikken Moore, daughter of Tonya Moore and Rick Holston; Larry Allen Morris, Jr., son of Stephen and Angela Bacon-Shoops; John Cameron Murphy, son of Frank and Cristianne Murphy; Kathryn Reed, daughter of Angela Taylor / Christopher Reed; Lydia Reidling, daughter of Robert Reidling; Chase Rowe, son of Joe and Krissy Rowe; Autumn Shope, daughter of Duane and Kelli Joseph; Kara Lea Spencer, daughter of Ann McCreary; Richie Sutton, son of Mike and Bonnie Sutton; Hannah Tussey, daughter of Bill and Jerrianne Tussey; James Vallance, son of Jimmie Vallance and Francie Campbell-Vallance; Dane Ryan Wilson, son of Dane and Julie Wilson.