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Eggs of a different color

Residents from Sanctuary of the Ohio Valley and students from Open Door School came together Wednesday to make Easter eggs for the upcoming holiday.

Open Door helps others create Easter

It’s hard not to smile when a little white egg splashes into a cup of dye and floats to the top a bright shade of blue or pink.

On Wednesday, the residents of Sanctuary of the Ohio Valley on Lorain Street were all smiles when children from the Open Door School visited for an afternoon of traditional Easter egg coloring.

“They love to do anything with the kids,” said Debbie Osborne, activities director at the nursing home. Osborne said Open Door School children visit often to spend time with the residents and participate in activities.

“It makes you feel better,” said Virginia Eldridge, a resident.

Eldridge shared a table with Open Door student Brook Hackworth, who was laughing so hard she couldn’t speak when an egg splashed into a blue cup of dye.

At another table, student Carlos Murphy was taking great care of his eggs, making sure each was perfectly colored. Claire Cochran, a resident, sat with Carlos and was reminded of her childhood as she dyed the eggs.

“It was a big thing in our house,” she said.

Debbie Moore, an administrative assistant at the nursing home

helped coordinate the event and said making the residents feel at home as well as young at heart is important.

“I think the young and old together, to see the interaction between them, they love the kids.”

Johnda Carpenter, a teacher at Open Door, said the experience is just as important for the children.

“The kids do well interacting with them,” she said. “It’s a chance to get out and interact with the community.”

Doris Payne, a resident, said she liked it anytime the Open Door students came to visit. She, like many others, was reminded of her childhood as she dipped the eggs into bright pink, blue and green dyes.

“When I was at home, I used to color a lot of eggs.”

Miriam Hafle dyed an egg to match her blue outfit as said she hadn’t dyed eggs since she was a child.

“Are we having fun? You have no idea,” she said.