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Seniors join royal celebration at Sybene Center

In celebration of the royal wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William, the senior citizens at the Sybene Senior Center had a chance to reminisce about their wedding days Friday morning.

Darlene Green, site manager, said the seniors were excited to have the event. They were encouraged to bring in wedding photos and wedding dresses to display and hear love songs played by the singers, The Four of Us.

And for food? Wedding cake, of course, complete with party mints and punch.

Bethanne Cooney, 69, of Huntington, W.Va., brought her mother’s wedding dress to display. Her mother, Mary Catherine Dame, married Norman Alexander in 1935 at home on Pea Ridge in Huntington.

The ivory dress was made of crepe-back satin with rhinestone buttons, and cut on the bias. The dress was short-sleeved and floor-length with a train and an open back.

“It looks kind of risqué for 1934,” Cooney said. She still has the original slip worn with the dress as well.

Cooney also brought her own dress from her second wedding in 1965. Her dress was a beige, double-breasted, wool suit, knee-length, with three-quarter length sleeves.

“I had bought it quite a few years earlier,” Cooney said. She said she had worn it for Easter, and special occasions. She also wore a beige pillbox hat with a small veil for her wedding, and a red rose corsage.

Edna Moore, 68, of South Point, didn’t have her dress, but had her wedding picture on display.

“I had borrowed my sister’s Easter dress,” Moore said, along with a hat. The dress was short-sleeved, with a pale pink and white plaid design, knee-length with a full bottom, thanks to a can-can slip.

Margaret Pennington, 64, didn’t bring her dress, but brought her memories of her wedding to her husband Eddie Pennington, who have now been married for 45 years. Eddie Pennington was in the Air Force and had to leave right after the wedding.

“We got married in uniforms,” Pennington said. “He kissed me and I went this way and he went that way.”

Margaret Pennington said she thought Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding was nice to see.

“I like to see young people flaunt it and they did,” Pennington laughed. “They make a nice couple.”

She was also pleased with the dress.

“I thought her dress was one of the most pretty dresses I’ve ever seen, and her veil didn’t hide her face,” Pennington said.

Cooney wasn’t able to see the royal wedding as it was happening, but was hoping to see it after the event at the senior center.

“I want to see it when I get home,” Cooney said. “I saw the Queen inaugurated and of course I saw Diana’s wedding. I so want to see what that dress looks like.”

Green said she was awake at 3 a.m. to see the full coverage of the royal wedding.

“Beautiful,” she said. “The hats were beautiful. My mom, when she went to church every Sunday, she wore a hat.”

One of Green’s favorite hats was a royal blue hat with a point on the forehead, and a point at the top.

“To die for,” Green said of the hat.