Fair weather fowls

Published 10:11 am Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dozens of baby Super Rooster Cox chicks huddle together for warmth as they wait in a box at the Lawrence County 4-H Extension Office for their new owners to come pick them up. The chicks will be on display at this years county fair.

4-Hers collect chicks to get ready for fair projects

It was cheeping by the dozens as this year’s crop of baby chickens came to roost in the 4-H Extension Office Wednesday.

That morning Holly Brooks, 4-H projects assistant, had picked up two brown boxes with requisite air holes from the post office. Then, she had to get them out to the 17 youth who signed up for the chicken project for this year’s fair.

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“They were born yesterday and by noon they were in the mail,” Brooks said. “One will be the Grand Champion.”

But as 4-Hers filed into Brooks’ office to pick up their requisite 10 chicks, those boxes of Super Rooster Cox chickens seemed more interested in playing flip flop across each other and getting a drink of water out of a makeshift Mason jar fountain.

Next stop the fair.