School boasts first elementary show choir

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 5, 2011

PROCTORVILLE — Fairland West Elementary School presented the premier performance of the “Dynamic Dragons” Show Choir on May 13 to family and friends.

Ninety-nine students from the third, fourth and fifth grades combined to form the first ever show choir from an elementary school in Lawrence County.

Susan Dunfee, music instructor, organized and directed this outstanding group of 8, 9 and 10-year-olds in music and choreography.

The program was based upon the hit television show, “Glee” and included songs from Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin” and Michael Jackson’s “We Are The World.” Included in the choreography was the whole choir using sign language to the words of “We Are The World,” a retro to a 1985, hit musical. The choir held a surprise performance on Friday afternoon for Jerry McConnell. McConnell is retiring after serving as superintendent of the Fairland Local School District for 25 years.

Teresa Johnson, principal said, “It has always been my goal to have a choir that students can aspire to join. We have such talented students who desire an outlet for performing, and Mrs. Dunfee provides the leadership to premier such a group.”

Early in the year, Dunfee opened membership in the choir to any student at the school who wished to join. The choir met for practice at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Originally, 120 students signed up, but after months of weekly practices the 99 remained committed to early morning practice and sacrificing free time.

Johnson provided T-shirts with the Dynamic Dragon logo designed by the students in the show choir.

“Mrs. Dunfee is a dedicated music teacher with energy and creativity. She has such an understanding of how to put on a great performance,” Johnson said. “The children love to go to music class. Mrs. Dunfee finds a role for every child. Since becoming the music teacher three years ago, the music program has improved tremendously!”

“Further, a few years ago, the school board purchased a permanent sound system for the stage, new draperies, platforms and risers. The PTO purchased a set of ten wireless mics and thirty two guitars to supplement the music program.”

“We are indeed fortunate that the superintendent and the school board supports all of the music programs in the Fairland School District,” Johnson said.

“It is our plan that future students at Fairland West will have the opportunity to join the Dynamic Dragons Show Choir when they enroll. Already, we are planning programs for the next school year.”