Civics lesson best learned first hand

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some lessons about our nation, our government and our history are best learned in person rather than from text books.

Although it is important to read about the accomplishments of our forefathers like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, there is something to be said for standing at the foot of the Washington Monument or walking through the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The Smithsonian Museum itself offers so many windows to the past that it is almost worth the trip all by itself. These are things they cannot be fully appreciated when just seen on the printed page.

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It is with that thought in mind that two local youth groups created by the Women’s Civic Club are working on a variety of fundraisers for a trip to our nation’s capital before going on to a Central Region Youth Convention Conference in Michigan. About a dozen Ironton-area youth are part of this program and hope to be attending, although they need a little community support to make this happen.

But it is not like they have just set back and asked for assistance. The group has raised more than half of the funds needed itself through a variety of fundraisers and community events.

Anyone willing to help lend a hand can do so by contacting Carol Seward at (740) 550-0285, by emailing or keeping their eyes open for upcoming events.

For our nation to truly reach its ultimate potential we need tomorrow’s leaders to have a strong understanding of where we have come from in order to form a clear vision of where we are going.