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School in session for parents too

Perhaps more than anything else, the return to the classrooms by Lawrence County students signifies that summer has almost officially come to an end.

School will be back in session by the end of the week and families with children must refocus their routines to help all students achieve the highest levels of success.

Although getting back in the swing of things may take a little while for some children to get acclimated, it is also a time when parents must adjust as well.

Countless studies and lots of scientific research have clearly demonstrated that students who have stable home environments and a strong support system often perform better in the classroom than those who do not.

In many ways, parents are heading back to school as well.

Parents must take the responsibility to be engaged and educated about what their children are doing in school and provide the encouragement needed.

Like many things in life, having a strong plan and a blueprint for success will make all the difference.

Setting aside a particular time each evening to get together at the dinner table and work on homework and talk about what is going on is a good first step.

A second would be to develop strong communication and a positive relationship with your child’s teachers, regardless of what grade they are in.

Mommy and Daddy may think they are too old for school but getting a quality education extends beyond the classroom.