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Nation cannot forget that coal makes us go

A few days ago, President Obama told an audience at the Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta, Iowa, “There are some boneheaded things the government is doing that need to be fixed.”

I definitely agree with that and I think a lot of the Tribune readers can agree with that as well. And he went on to say “Government can make a difference.”

I think we can also agree with that, provided those in government who CAN make a difference, WILL.

So far, those in government who can make a difference have turned their backs on an industry that this nation cannot do without. And that is the coal industry. The industry that is directly responsible for supplying the fuel that keeps the lights on for half of this great nation.

And it is an industry that does not need a government hand-out to continue in business.

This administration has gone nation-wide, except to Appalachia, to promote green energy, and offer huge incentives for start-up of green projects. In the meantime, the EPA has been allowed to promulgate any kind of bonehead regulation they desire as long as it goes against the mining industry.

Coal miners have suffered since concern for bugs in streams have taken precedence over them.  Some have been sent home due to bonehead decisions by regulators. These things need to be fixed.

There is talk now of the 2012 election. And if the government can make a difference, it needs to get to it immediately, or else we, the people, who CAN make a difference, will be voting against everyone who does not stand for coal.

Affordable electricity, produced from domestic coal, powers a big portion of this nation. American needs coal and we cannot afford to forget it.

John F. Enyart

Ashland, Ky.