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Edens arraigned in death of Wells

An Ironton man accused of murder in connection with the Wednesday shooting of another city resident was arraigned Thursday in Ironton Municipal Court.

Judge O. Clark Collins set bond at $250,000 for Charles Riley Edens, 22, accused of shooting Auston James Wells. Collins appointed attorney J.T. Holt as Edens’ legal counsel. Edens was also arraigned on a domestic violence charge stemming from another incident July 16. That incident involved a different victim.

As Edens sat waiting for his arraignment, Wells’ mother, Mary Gilmore, sat crying quietly from the front row of the gallery. As she left she shouted to Edens.

Gilmore said Auston Wells was a good son who got in with the wrong crowd.

“He just liked the wrong people,” she said. Gilmore said she did not know Edens and did not know what might have led to the shooting.

“I got to see my son lying dead in the street last night,” she sobbed. “When I got there he was already dead.”

She said the shooting was inexcusable.

“Fighting is one thing but killing is totally different,” she said.

She said she would have a private funeral and burial for her son and only blood relatives would be allowed to attend. Anyone else who showed up would be made to leave, she said.

Edens must return to court next Thursday for a preliminary hearing. He remains in the Lawrence County Jail.

Police are not saying what the motive might be for the shooting.