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Democrats refuse to accept any of the blame

The problem with a recent letter writer, like so many Democrats, is they can’t see the forest for the trees.

First, not only did George W. Bush think that Iraq had weapons, but so did Bill Clinton, Tony Blair of England, the Senate, Congress and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Even today the Iraq War has cost just over a trillion dollars, and we should collect money from Iraq for rebuilding their country, which is a mistake by both parties.

Second, it was Clinton that signed NAFTA, not Bush, and it was signed almost a year after Clinton took office and this was a huge mistake, allowing our jobs to be outsized.

Again, don’t blame the party that did this, the Democrats.

Now who is destroying the education system? Not the Republicans. But just who is giving all the union money to the Democrats?

Look a little further and you will see that it is President Obama, through his Obamacare, that cut 500 billion out of Medicare, which no Republican voted for, and made back door deals with the drug companies to change some tier one drugs (no co-pay) to tier three (20 percent co-pay).

If you are now buying these drugs which I must buy, again tell me how good I have it under Obamacare.

This man is blind to facts, as the election was in 2010, and only the Republicans took control of the House, not the Senate.

They haven’t been in control for nine months yet. It is the Democrats who forgot to pass a budget when they had control of all Congress, plus the president, who is spending us into bankruptcy.

Even now he doesn’t know how to put people to work, but he’s a Democrat and Democrats don’t make mistakes.

In eight years in the White House, Bush created a $5 trillion debt that included two wars.

In 32 months, Obama has given us $4 trillion worth of debt.

These are facts.

If you have any knowledge you should be able to see just who is spending us into bankruptcy.

Homer Campbell, Ironton