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CG man sentenced for drug offenses

A Coal Grove man will spend four years in prison for selling drugs in the vicinity of a school.

Jimmy Ray Hanshaw, 44, of 105 Rowe St., Coal Grove, pleaded guilty to two third degree felony counts of aggravated drug trafficking Wednesday in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Judge D. Scott Bowling sentenced Hanshaw to four years in prison for each count, but his time is to be served concurrently. Hanshaw was also ordered to pay $5,000 for each count for a total of $10,000, his driver’s license was suspended for one year and he will serve three years of probation after his release from prison.

Bowling allowed Hanshaw a five-day furlough to visit his daughter. Bowling told him he is to report back to jail by 4 p.m. on Oct. 26.

Mindy M. Henry, 30, of 3974 Green Valley Drive, Huntington, W.Va., pleaded guilty to theft by deception.

Bowling sentenced her to four years community-control sanctions under intensive supervised probation and ordered Henry to successfully complete a rehabilitation program at the STAR Community Justice Center.

Brittany N. Sparks, 25, of 147 Township Road 310, Ironton, pleaded guilty to aggravated possession of drugs.

Bowling sentenced Sparks to four years CCS/ISP, three months GPS home confinement, a six-month drivers license suspension and ordered her to receive intensive outpatient drug treatment at Family Guidance Center.

Joshua Sparks, 30, of 111 Private Drive 440, Pedro, pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal non-support. Bowling sentenced Sparks to four years CCS/ISP.

He was also ordered to continue to pay child support and also to make payments on his back child support of $10,770. Bowling set his payments at $200 per month.

Jessica Stapelton, 21, of 629 South Eighth St., admitted to failing to report to the adult probation department. Bowling sentenced Stapleton to serve the remainder of her 156 days community-control sanctions in prison. At the end of her prison term, Bowling said Stapelton’s CCS would be terminated.