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County cannot give up on Chesy Bypass

It is often said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Lawrence County needs to keep squeaking when it comes to the completion of the Chesapeake Bypass.

It has become almost a dream project that has been talked about in one stage or another for more than 40 years.

The beginning phases have been completed but an approximately 6 mile stretch of roadway remains on the drawing board and may cost close to $200 million to complete.

But this is an important project that cannot be allowed to fall by the wayside.

Dubbed the Tri-State Metro Outerbelt a few years ago, this roadway would truly tie the Tri-State together and create a more seamless highway system from Ohio to Kentucky and into West Virginia.

The Lawrence County commissioners approved sending letters to Michele Craig, executive director of the KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission; and Jerry Wray, director of the Ohio Department of Transportation.

We applaud the commissioners for the recent efforts to jumpstart the project and keep it top of mind for area transportation agencies.

The Chesapeake Bypass has been a dream project for many years and, even despite a sluggish economy, now is the time for it to become a reality.