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Businesses team up to help seniors

Dee Staley with Staley’s Pharmacy is sponsoring an Angel Tree this holiday season designed to help area seniors.

The small tags attached to ornaments on the Christmas tree in the window of Staley’s Pharmacy on South Third Street are simple and to the point — and rather poignant.

One tag noting the person was a woman, asked for house slippers, size 9, perfume, lotion, word puzzle books and stuffed animals. Another tag asked for sweaters and crossword puzzles for another woman. One man only asked for house slippers.

This year Staley’s, Fruth Pharmacy in Proctorville and Covenant Home Health Care in South Point are teaming up to make sure these people and other senior citizens in long-term care facilities are not forgotten at Christmas time.

Both drug stores have Angel Trees, each bearing the names of elderly people in Lawrence County who need Christmas gifts.

“This time of year, people tend to think of children and that’s great but seniors are often forgotten,” Staley’s owner Dee Staley said. “And some of them have nothing.”

People are asked to stop in and take the name of a senior and then shop for the gifts on the tag. Staley noted the requests are often so simple — house slippers or lotion— that she tears up when thinking about it.

The gifts should be returned, wrapped and bearing the tag number, to the respective pharmacy by Dec. 15 so they can be distributed in time for Christmas.

Fruth manager Patty Holley said the staff at her store had so much fun with the idea last year they were glad to sponsor an Angel Tree again this year.

“We appreciate our seniors and their loyalty to us all these years. They’re part of our community. We’ll all be there someday. We hope someone will think of us, too.”