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Tri-State Living magazine celebrates the style of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia

Ohio. Kentucky. West Virginia. Our Tri-State region creates one community, one home, one life.

The region possesses a diverse history and a future that’s one of the brightest. The Tri-State stands out, today, as a region known for its preservation of a small-town values and more temperate way of life.

The Tri-State Living magazine holds true to and celebrates these grand traditions while embracing the new perspectives, energy and vitality of the 21st century.

Like the region, Tri-State Living magazine possesses dignity and confidence enabling us to take readers on bold journeys through culture and history, and on to what lies ahead.

Our pages convey warmth of the people and style of this proud region. Our content is intelligent, open minded, and as honest as down home cooking. Our foundation is in our editorial integrity which allows us to seamlessly integrate the thoughts and ideas of those that stretch over 1,200 square miles, and our understanding of the time-honored perspectives that have helped shape this region.

We are … Tri-State Living.



Living in The Tri-State has a deeper meaning than a mere “lifestyle.”

This region holds an appeal to those who have lived here, and continues to draw others to move here because of its extraordinary legacy, rewarding quality of life and entertaining community.

Tri-State Living magazine strives to replicate the true spirit of the region and those who call it home. The Tri-State boasts a diverse economy that is hosts business of almost any sector, and entrepreneurs of every stripe.

Tri-State Living holds its homes and its readers in high regard, and will be presented in beautiful photography, indepth and thoughtful articles on a range of topics, and use of the charm of this special place in an intelligent manner.


Reader/ Demographics

Tri-State Living magazine is for those who call the region home, and for those who may want to in the future. From young transplants to fourth-generation old hands, our readers are unified by an active interest in the world around them. Whether our readers are looking to shop local businesses or attend cultural events, they are plugged into the scenes around them. The readers of Tri-State Living magazine value creativity and innovation but also the distinctive elements of traditional life.

Of course, that’s why they are drawn to the special charm of the Tri-State.

Our readers are intelligent, upwardly mobile, and realize the potential for business and cultural opportunities springing up around the region. They hold jobs in a variety of industries and are involved in their community.

They volunteer, start businesses, lead, vote and contribute to society. The readers of Tri-State Living have a more open perspective than most, and travel whenever they can. They spend time outdoors and take pride in their image and appearance. Our readers also possess the very best

qualities of the region itself – confidence, curiosity and a desire to actively participate in a unique way of life.


Distribution and Circulation

Tri-State Living magazine circulates 10,000 copies, distributed across Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. It will reach those who’ve lived here for generations, those who’ve transplanted here over the years from other areas, and those who are traveling and could potentially be members of the community.

Moreover, all three of these segments of readers have a natural eagerness to learn more about the Tri-State and the communities within it. Tri-State Living contains that sought after information about the region’s lifestyles, those who live nearby as well as those who once did, the culture, the history, the shopping, the dining and opportunities in their future.

Tri-State Living magazine will satisfy this curiosity with strategic placements into the hands and homes of interested and connected readers that advertisers will want to reach.

In addition, the majority of the circulation will be available free of charge at upscale locations and retail outlets reaching our select readership where they shop, as well as circulate in hotels, medical offices, banks, real estate and Chamber offices throughout the three states. It will also be available to subscribers of the magazine for a low yearly price.


Advertising Inquiry

To receive more information on advertising in Tri-State Living magazine as well as to receive a complimentary copy of the most recent issue, please contact Shawn Randolph at 740-532-1441 ext. 29, send an e-mail to: sales@ tri-stateliving.com or click HERE to download our rate card.