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Dog shelter becoming more self-sufficient

Since 2008, the amount of money from the county’s general fund that has gone to the animal shelter budget has decreased by almost 45 percent.

That has come about as more pet owners comply with the mandatory purchase of dog licenses, according to County Auditor Jason Stephens.

Stephens made his report at the commission’s weekly Thursday meeting.

In 2008, there were 3,500 tags sold bringing in $49,456. After the commission started a mailing reminding owners that tags were due, the number of tags has increased to 5,933 in 2009, 7,810 in 2010 and 9,540 in 2011. Of that 2011 figure about two percent were purchased online.

“We implemented the new online dog tag system,” Stephens said. “From everything I’ve heard (from those processing) it is much easier.”

Four years ago the general fund supplemented the shelter’s budget by $102,089. In 2011, that amount decreased to $45,000.

“The dog shelter is almost 100 percent funded,” Commission President Les Boggs said.

In other action the commission:

• Approved a crash data study for county roads;

• Extended the date dog tags will be sold to Feb. 29;

• Approved a demolition agreement between St. Mary’s Medical Center and the commission for razing property at 1830 Woodland Drive.