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Ky. woman violates parole, gets prison time


Probation violations and drug charges were chief among the offenses bringing people to Lawrence County Common Pleas Court Wednesday.

Amanda Boggs, 25, of 126 Grove St., Russell, Ky., admitted she violated her probation, also known as community control sanctions, by failing to complete a rehabilitation program at the STAR Community Justice Center and by using alcohol.

Judge D. Scott Bowling sentenced Boggs to five months in prison. Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Brigham Anderson had argued Boggs deserved all six months of the prison time that was reserved in case she failed her probation.

But Boggs pleaded for leniency.

“I understand I did break the rules and I violated my terms,” she told Bowling. “But what I did accomplish, I checked in on a regular basis and I did test clean and I started my G.E.D.”

Jordyn S. McLemore, 19, of 101 Baldwin St., Verdunville, W.Va., pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in drugs (roxycodone). Bowling sentenced her to four years community control sanctions.

Bowling also ordered McLemore to continue with drug counseling and allowed her to keep her driver’s license only for work privileges.

“My client is 19 years old, she found herself addicted to prescription medication,” McLemore’s attorney, Chris Delawder, said. “But she is enrolled in rehab and she is a full-time college student.”

Paul D. Lowe IV, 25, of 34 Private Drive 170, Chesapeake, was arraigned on one count of theft and one count of theft of a firearm.

He pleaded not guilty through his attorney, Philip Heald. Bowling set bond at $10,000 but allowed Lowe to post 10 percent of that amount. The judge added a $20,000 own recognizance (OR) bond and scheduled a pretrial conference for Feb. 15.