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Eddy Test Time

These students were participants in the annual Eddy Test that was Tuesday at Ironton Middle School.

The Child Welfare Club’s annual Eddy Test was Tuesday at Ironton Middle School.

This year 30 sixth grade students from Ironton and St. Lawrence Catholic schools qualified to take the test.

To qualify for the test, students at the Ironton Middle School must score in the top 25 percent on the fifth grade Ohio Achievement Test. Standard scores in reading, math, social studies and science are totaled and ranked at the completion of the test.

For St. Lawrence students, the composite scores from any nationally recognized standardized test that measures scores in core subjects are used to determine eligibility.

Students who score in the top one-third of all Eddy Test participants will receive an Eddy Award and will be honored with their parents and guest at the Child Welfare Club’s scholastic banquet on May 10.

The participants from St Lawrence Catholic School are Dylan Jones, son of T.C. and Amy Jones; Ryan Scaife, son of Aaron and Lyn Scaife; Emma Williams, daughter of Jeremy and

Darcie Williams; Clay Willis, son of John and Jennifer Willis.

The test participants from Ironton Middle School are: Anthony Bazell, son of Robert J. and Leigh Ann Bazell; Andy Bodmer, son of Randy and Stacey Bodmer; Tanner Bowles, son of Bob and Carmen Bowles; Gage Butler, son of Kevin and Aimee Kouns and Donnie Butler; James Carter, son of Michelle Kearns and James E Carter; Alison Franz, daughter of Randy and Connie Franz; Jazmine Noel Hammond, daughter of Jerry and Faye Hammond; Kaylee Elizabeth Hopper, daughter of Tommi Palmer and David Hopper; Mikey Kellogg, son of Melissa Kellogg; Trent Klaiber, son of Bill and Melissa Klaiber; Chris Lilly, son of Robert and Rosalia Lilly; Torrence Linthicum, son of Connie Coleman; Tyler Malone, son of Melissa and Kevin Jenkins; Cecily O’Neill, daughter of Nick Fraley and Lori O’Neill; Madisyn Pelmonter, daughter of Jessica Henry; Jaxson Pleasant, son of Craig and Angela Pleasant; Anna Preston, daughter of Ronnie Jewell and Kelly Preston; Connor Ramey, son of Michael and Christina Ramey; Dylan R. Redmond, son of Bub and Kelly Morgan and Jared and Amy Redmond; Rachel Sanders, daughter of Scott and Emily Sanders; Albert Schoener, son of Greg and Debbie Schoener; Steven Scott, son of Raymond and Samantha Scott; Savannah Marie Stidham, daughter of David and Vicki Stidhan;Allison White, daughter of Scott and Amy White; Drake Williams, son of Scott and Tracey Williams; Elena Wilson, daughter of Alissa and Larry L. Wilson.