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Dr. Seuss invades Fairland East

Fairland High School students Katie Fuller, left, and Tori Garrett, right, performs hit favorites by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and many others to students during their lunch break.

Dr. Seuss Day was on full display at Fairland Elementary. To celebrate the famed author’s birthday, students participated in a non-typical day.

Missy Bergquist’s second-grade class enjoyed arts and crafts while watching Dr. Seuss movies and getting their faces painted.

“I got my nose painted. It is really pretty,” Jalen Jarrell, second-grade student, said. “I’m having a lot of fun.”

The students in each classroom participated in various activities based on different Dr. Seuss books. Each classroom had the services of two high school student volunteers.

“The high school girls came up with the activities for the kids to do,” Trena Sowards, second-grade teacher said.

Sowards’ class made little houses and then made little Dr. Seuss characters. It was a chance for them to use different supplies that they wouldn’t normally use everyday. The idea of the day was to have fun but the message was the most important aspect, Sowards said.

“Reading is fun. You don’t just have to read a book because a teacher makes you,” Sowards said. “I want them to know that reading is fun. If I can get that through to them then I’ve done my job.”

Kindergarten, first and second graders participated in the event.

“It’s hard to get kids to read past a certain age. At this age, they like to read, for the most part, but once they get to a certain age, they feel that reading is a chore or something they have to do for school,” Sowards said. “So if we can get through to them at this age, that they can read for fun when they have free time, then I have done my job.”

Emphasizing the importance of reading was a theme that continuously resonated throughout the event.

“Reading is very important,” Marc Bittner, senior, said. “Dr. Seuss was creative and inspired a lot of people. I hope the kids embrace his creativity.”

The students have participated in activities the entire week. They had to graph their favorite books, they’ve done surveys and they have compared and contrasted different Dr. Seuss books, Sowards said.

“I can’t think of an author that is much more fun that Dr. Seuss,” Sowards said. “They love to hear Dr. Seuss and they love to try to read Dr. Seuss because they get tongue-tied.”

This event wasn’t just for the elementary students. It gave high school students a chance to give back to younger generations.

“I really enjoy it. It is a great experience,” Nick Stephens, senior, said. “If I can brighten up a kid’s day, then it brightens up my day. I hope they got as much out of it as I did. This will hopefully be an experience they will always remember.”

Katie Fuller dressed up as the Cat in the Hat. She sang with two other high school students in the cafeteria while the students eat their lunch. The kids seemed to enjoy the music for the most part.

“The girls in the cafeteria sang Justin Bieber. So most of the boys didn’t like it,” Christian Hall, second grader, said.

In between the musical ensembles, Fuller went to each class visiting with the children.

“The kids get a chance to use their imagination, so I am happy to be here,” Fuller said. “I want them to read. I hope this helps them pick up a book.”