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Food pantry set to truly help students

Local food pantries are nothing new and continue to meet important needs within our communities, but one local partnership has taken the initiative to help those most in need: our children.

South Point Middle School recently partnered with Michael’s Grace Place, a local charitable organization and food pantry, to create what organizers are calling a backpack food pantry.

The goal is to help students who have difficult home lives and may not be getting the nutrition and sustenance needed during the weekends. But the school is aware of doing so in a discreet way that doesn’t embarrass the students.

We applaud all those involved for their efforts. This is a creative and innovative way to make a difference in our communities. It still falls under the parameters of what public education should accomplish and that is teaching our youth and preparing them for the future.

Addressing hunger or nutritional needs is just another way to help students focus on their education while at school instead of the ancillary things that can take away from even the best teaching efforts.

This is a concept that we hope other school districts and local charitable organizations take a good look at.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Michelle West at (740) 377-4343, ext. 3004.

Addressing these issues will help our students succeed now and can translate to success later in life as well.