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House passes bill with area projects included

COLUMBUS — State Representative Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) announced that the Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill 482, which is the capital appropriations budget.

The bill provides funding for projects at Ohio University Southern and Shawnee State University.

The Ohio University Southern campus will receive $420,000 to be used on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The lighting will also be upgraded. The bill contains $150,000 for classroom and laboratory renovations, as well as $200,000 for repairs to the Collins Center.

“Funding for these projects shows that supporting our state’s universities is a high priority for the House,” Johnson said. “These campuses have an important place in our communities, and I’m pleased that money was available to assist them during a time of tight budgeting.”

At Shawnee State $500,000 was included in House Bill 482 for classroom and laboratory renovations. More than $2.6 million will be used to replace outdoor concrete and improve the entrances to the Administration Building, Athletic Center, Graduation Platform and Campus Green.

House Bill 482 includes $400 million in investments for Ohio universities. It does not fund new projects but does provide funding for projects that have already been committed to by previous General Assemblies.