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CG police searching for stolen vehicle after assaults


COAL GROVE — Police are investigating a car theft and three assaults after an altercation at a Coal Grove residence in the early morning hours Tuesday.

Coal Grove Police Chief Eric Spurlock said the incident happened around 3 a.m. Tuesday in the 200 block of Ridgeway Street.

Spurlock said three men were visiting the home on Ridgeway when two of the men allegedly assaulted two women at the home. Both women were hit in the face, resulting in one woman receiving a black eye and one receiving a cut lip.

Spurlock said the commotion alerted nearby neighbors.

“They took off running because a couple of neighbors were coming over,” Spurlock said. “When they took off running, one of the other neighbors went after him and got hit in the head with a (blunt object).”

The male victim was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center for a head injury and was released later in the day. Police officers searched the area for the two men with the help of the South Point Police Department.

Spurlock also said the two suspects allegedly stole one of the woman’s car keys and cell phone before they fled. Later that day, they allegedly returned to the residence and stole a 2003 maroon, four-door Nissan. The car has not yet been located.

Both suspects are believed to be from Huntington, W.Va., Spurlock said, and charges will be filed soon.


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