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Recounts expected in state rep, Collins levy races


With election results certified, automatic recounts in the 93rd District State Representative race and the Collins Career Center levy appear inevitable.

Total tallies in the four-county 93rd District race put Gallia County financial adviser Ryan Smith ahead with 6,967 votes; Lawrence County economic development leader Bill Dingus with 6,883 and Jackson County Commissioner Jim Riepenhoff with 3,168. There was no candidate for the race from Vinton County.

For the Collins levy there were 4,945 votes in Lawrence County in favor and 4,863 against and 43 in favor and 94 against in Gallia County.

During the past week boards of election certified results adding in valid absentee and provisional votes with Vinton holding its official canvas Tuesday afternoon. An automatic recount typically occurs when the difference between the top two vote getters is no more than one-half percent of the total votes cast in the race.

“The boards will report all the results to us,” Matt McClellan, spokesman for the Ohio Secretary of State, said Wednesday morning. “With races spanning multiple counties, if it meets the requirements, we will call the recount. I don’t have a timeline for you. I don’t know what point we are in the process of receiving that information.”

There were 17,018 votes cast in that 93rd District race with a difference of 84 votes between Smith and Dingus or one vote under the minimum figure needed to trigger that recount.

“We will just sit back and wait,” Dingus said. “Everyone worked so hard as far as our campaign and everyone anxiously awaits to see the final outcome.”

For the Collins levy there were 9,945 total votes cast with the levy passing by 31 votes or 18 less than the minimum needed for the recount, also making it eligible for a recount.

“I thought my time on pins and needles is over but it sounds like to me we are going to have to wait awhile before we can relax,” Collins Superintendent Steve Dodgion said. “We hope there is no change in the result, that the will of the people will be in our favor.”

Those counties affected must hold the recount no sooner than the sixth day and no later than the 10th after the order comes from the secretary of state.

“Locally we hope they make the decision immediately,” BOE chair Craig Allen said. “We have a limited number of days and next week is Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. People who think their vote doesn’t count need to look at this election. The proof is in the pudding. A pretty major issue and office, how close they are.”