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What exactly has ‘hope and change’ gotten us?

There are those who just don’t believe in the American way of disagreement, and try to make the “Tea Party” an evil force, which is not true.

The evil party is those who claim to be “part of the 99 percent” which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

First I’m not a tea party member, but I agree with where they stand.

They do not incite violence as the “OWS” crowd does. They are for those who will stand up for the American people. They don’t destroy property. They don’t defy police. They act peaceably, not like those who support the “Occupy Wall Street thugs,” who our president agrees with.

Obama has said on TV that he supports them. Now he is telling that he has authorized drilling, (the permits which are now being drilled were authorized by former President Bush). Obama says now that he is for the pipeline, which he put on hold.

He states that he has started millions of jobs, again this is with phony numbers.

Are you now better than you were three years ago? That is unless you are on welfare.

Look at the jobs that he was for — Solendra — which he had loaned almost $600 million dollars (now bankrupt) with nothing to show for it.

Where is the “hope and change” that he promised?

Well, the hope is gone and the change is very little, like 49 cents with no hope for more.

Of course, he is a good Democrat and Democrats make no mistakes, so he’ll get a pass on everything he has done.

Homer Campbell