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Collins levy to help train generations

Although it has taken more than a month to confirm the good news, the Collins Career Center tax levy has been officially approved in Lawrence County.

This is a positive step forward for the vocational school and now ensures officials can move ahead with the renovation and expansion plans without having to cut important programs.

The five-year levy will bring in approximately $300,000 a year for a set-aside maintenance fund that was required if the state was going to put up the majority of the $22 million needed for the renovation project.

The project includes expanding classroom sizes and adding 11,000 square feet overall to the facility. It will also facilitate campus-wide infrastructure improvements.

It has been difficult to get tax levies approved during the current economic climate, but it is encouraging to see voters allow their voices to be heard.

This vote result should certainly be considered a testimony to the positive work the career center is doing within the community.

Over the years, thousands of individuals have been better prepared for employment thanks to Collins Career Center.

This tax levy will strengthen the future and help ensure that the vocational school is best equipped to train our men and women to enter the 21st Century workplace.

The result was worth the four weeks of nervous waiting, and now the focus can shift to the future.