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Local hospital’s hospitality goes a long way


Astronaut Neil Armstrong famously said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” when he stepped on the moon for the first time. Armstrong didn’t take that small step for granted. Rock Hill student Nathaniel Cheek isn’t taking his “one small step” for granted, either, especially since that step is so expensive.

His one small step costs $7,900 to be exact and another $7,900 if he has hopes of ever using his left hand.

A car accident victim, Nathaniel is using the NESS L300 Foot Drop System and the hand system from Bioness. The Rock Hill National Junior Honor Society has been raising enough money for Nathaniel to keep the system from month to month. The goal is to raise the necessary funds to payoff the device so Nathaniel can keep it forever.

While the state of Ohio and his insurance company has ignored repeated requests for help, Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital has answered the call.

The OLBH auxiliary board presented a check Tuesday to Nathaniel worth $1,100.

“I’d like to thank everybody for helping me,” Nathaniel said.

Rock Hill Middle School principal Mick Hairston had a special message for the auxiliary board.

“God is smiling on you for what you have done for this child,” Hairston said. “I’m really choked up for what you did.”

The National Junior Honor Society at Rock Hill has raised $3,500, which will rent the device for the summer, Hairston said.

“These are the best kids in the world,” Hairston said. “What ever they are asked, they do it.”

After the check presentation, the board of directors at OLBH invited the 30 representatives from Rock Hill to the Bellefonte Center for a private luncheon and meeting. Nathaniel demonstrated the system for the board members before they went into a private meeting.

“Our Lady of Bellefonte is a hospital with heart. The people here are fantastic,” Hairston said to the board members. “To give this money to this child is beyond words.”

The honor society began fundraising efforts with bake sales at the beginning of March. In one month, members have taken their fundraising efforts to board members at OLBH, which consist of CEO’s and other top corporate executives.

“These kids have come a long way in a short period of time,” Hairston said.

To make a donation, contact Hairston at 740-532-7026.