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Are you sick, tired of government?

Why can’t we just all be on our own, solve our own problems, meet our own needs and be left alone?

Do you realize how much government costs and how little it does?

Sure, we have to have schools, and teachers, administrators, bus drivers and books, but why can’t we get the cheapest of all of those and save some real money?

And we need cops and firefighters and highways workers and air traffic controllers…fine, but how much can that cost if we kill their unions?

I know we have to have courts and all that goes with that (judges, clerks, prosecutors, jailers, deputies), but surely these people could work without benefits, like the rest of us.

And why not eliminate all that regulation stuff altogether?

If you don’t like pink slime in your meat I am sure producers would stop using it, you just have to find out that they are using it first, right?

I am out of school, so I see no need for Pell grants or other financial aid for students, and all of that money could be saved.

I sold my business so I see no need for small business loans. We all know business doesn’t need government help or regulations, right? And that means we can stop subsidizing Big Oil and Big Banks, and Big Auto’s and Big anything once we free them from the shackles of onerous regulation.

Certainly we can trust our pharmaceutical companies to produce only good and safe products, because any other decision would hurt them in the free market. And we know their pricing will be fair based upon what the market will bear, so why harass them with regulation?

I am against terrorists overall, but when I think about all the waste in government, and recognize that government cannot do anything right, it just seems to me that Homeland Security is too expensive. After all, where I live a terrorist strike is hardly likely, so let New York pay their own security costs and leave me alone.

And let’s be serious, why in the world would we want to regulate Big Banks? After all, what could go wrong if we just let them alone to manage their risks and investors capital?

Don’t get me started on the EPA. Once the fire on the river went out I was convinced the EPA had done all that was required of it. If my water gets polluted I can buy a water purifier from a capitalist company and help the economy. Better yet, I can just have water trucked in at a small and fair profit if I need it to be safe.

Anything government can do, private for-profit business can do better.

Consider retirement…Mitt Romney has a far better retirement fund that mine, and he did it on his own. No need for that crazy pyramid scheme we know as Social Security, when we can all invest in stocks and hope the market doesn’t take a retirement killing dive again.

And if some lose their retirement savings then they should have been smarter investors. Somebody has to be poor after all.

And as for health care, that is the biggest waste of government there could be.

If we were smart we would all just buy catastrophic policies that cover things like cancer and handle the small stuff like broken bones by paying physicians out of pocket or by trading for their services with some eggs or perhaps a cow, like it used to be.

Now I am a Republican.


Jim Crawford is retired educator and political enthusiast living here in the Tri-State.