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Why do anything if the government will do it for you?

Sad to say, at 77 years of age, I have seen the error of my life. You see, I was taught that we were to work for a living, and hard work would pay off.

Well, after reading Jim Crawford’s recent article about the regulations, I see I was taught all wrong.

You see, I didn’t have an instructor like him to teach me the ways of the Democratic Party.

All the work that I did from the time I could pump gasoline (25 cents an hour) until I retired, all that I should have done was to join the Democratic Party, stay at home and wait for a welfare or SSI check.

I would get free insurance, food stamps, a paid baby sitter, and, if I needed help with utilities, that would be paid by our government also.

Boy, did my parents not know how wrong they were to teach that we have responsibilities. How they failed me and, not having a good teacher like Jim, it is no wonder that I failed.

Now, let us look at the regulations that we now have. Of course, since the government will pay my electric bill, it doesn’t matter that the bill will raise more than 30 percent when Obama does away with coal-fired electric plants.

When gasoline goes to over $5 a gallon, maybe Obama will give us vouchers for free gasoline.

If this is what it takes to be a Democrat, thanks but no thanks.

What I have, I have earned and feel better about it than would if I was a lifetime freeloader.

Now, when our dollar is worth nothing because of the way the Democratic Party is spending, just who will you blame? G. W. Bush? I don’t think so.

Just blame instructors like Jim Crawford who only spout rhetoric and no truth at all.

Homer Campbell