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Early learning makes impact on children’s lives

Young children in Lawrence County deserve the best that we can give them.

Week of the Young Child, April 22-28, is a time to recognize the needs of young children and thank the adults involved in their education and care.

Parents, teachers, caregivers and other adults play important roles in the lives of young children, and Week of the Young Child celebrates their efforts.

We can show support for early learning in our community by promoting early literacy programs, thanking teachers who care for our children and working to ensure that our public policies support early learning for all young children.

Week of the Young Child is a time to remind us that “early years are learning years.”

Phyllis Newman

Lawrence County Early Childhood Academy

Family and Community Engagement Manager


EMS should take patients where they want to go

I am 85 years old and maybe I am just a contrary old man (I will let you decide.)

Recently I needed transport to a medical center so my daughter called 911, when they arrived I requested to be taken to Holzer where I have been going for 85 years and they have 90 percent of my medical records.

I have no complaints with the EMTs but they said they could not take me out of county. So they took me out of state instead, which was maybe 10 miles closer.

If the Lawrence County Ambulance service wants business maybe they should reconsider their policy.

I, for one, will use another service in the future. If I am just a contrary old man, you can decide.

Glen Dale Holschuh