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Our attitudes can become self-fulfilling

Recently a long-time Irontonian, who is a respected businessman and elected official, spoke to a group of community leaders about the state of Ironton and Lawrence County as a whole.

While acknowledging that our region has many challenges ahead, this individual hit on a key point that could be vital to the future.

We must focus on changing attitudes.

For whatever reason, far too many people in our region focus on the perceived negatives and fail to see any of the positives that are right in front of them. This approach becomes a self- fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

If we are all convinced that everything is bad, then it ultimately becomes reality.

The same works in reverse, too.

Having a positive attitude and the type of clear vision that allows you to see success can make all the difference.

Ironton and Lawrence County are poised for a positive future.

A variety of economic development projects are in the works. More community groups than ever before are taking a vested interest in where our region is headed. Our elected leaders are working for the greater good, in most cases, instead of personal agendas.

The positives are all around us if we are willing to look for them. As the old saying goes, “seeing is believing.”

In this case, seeing and believing can directly lead to successes for our entire community.