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South Point gets audit award

SOUTH POINT — In 2007, the Ohio Auditor’s office declared South Point Schools unauditable and cited numerous problems with the district’s finances. This year, things have changed.

On Thursday, Auditor of State Dave Yost announced that South Point District received the Auditor of State Award.

“We had some challenges during the transition in 2008,” Terri Baker, South Point treasurer, said. “And now to have a clean audit is a good thing. We have worked hard and I am happy for the district to be there.”

In 2005 and 2006, under former treasurer Daniel McDavid, there were 24 citations for noncompliance, material weakness or questioned costs.

The 2011 audit report did not contain any material citations, material weakness, significant deficiencies, single audit findings or questioned costs.

“It just speaks to the fact that you are trying to follow the rules and take care of taxpayers dollars. It shows that you are responsible,” Baker said.

Baker said she expects to have a clean audit every year but acknowledged that mistakes can sometimes happen.

“There is no reason to think we wouldn’t have a clean audit every year but we are human, mistakes are made,” Baker said. “We are going to continue to do our job every year. We have good people working here and I appreciate their effort.”