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Partnerships can provide our blueprint

In today’s business climate, with both the public and private sector facing significant challenges, it is encouraging to see a unique partnership that is making the lives of individuals better and improving our community.

And, hopefully, creating a blueprint that could lead to future successes here in Lawrence County and beyond.

That is exactly the type of groundbreaking impact The Transit Café could have. In addition to helping to fill the bellies of Ironton diners, it is creating jobs and providing a funding mechanism for a community agency that does so much here in Lawrence County.

The café is a partnership between the Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization and Tri-State Industries, Inc.

The concept has evolved significantly from when the CAO first visualized it and has now become this partnership that fills a need in terms of businesses, adds to the beautification of downtown Ironton and helps individuals with disabilities utilize their skills.

Tri-State Industries has helped hundreds of men and women over the years find employment and give something back, but this is the first time it has ever actually operated a business venture.

The possibilities are endless if this proves to be successful, and we see no reason why the cafe cannot be.

A creative vision and the willingness to forge unique partnerships will be two of the ingredients of success for the future of Ironton and Lawrence County.