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America cannot afford four more years of Obama

Let’s just review some of his promises of “Hope and Change” we have gotten from Barack Obama.

First, when he was running for president, he vowed to launch the most sweeping ethics reform in U.S. history.

This promise of his was “if you pass the stimulus (unemployment was at that time 7.8 percent) that unemployment wouldn’t go to 8 percent.” Well it hasn’t got down to 8 percent since he took office.

Oops he made a mistake.

In his inaugural address in 2009 he is quoted as saying “the corrosive influence of money in politics” which is used to buy votes, then shortly later he again flopped on this.

Another oops.

Then came the change that he promised. Deals were cut with congressmen, senators, drug companies to go along with “Obamacare” which have hurt us senior citizens to the tune of $500 billion in less coverage and higher insurance and higher co-pays for drugs.

This was the change. Where’s the hope?

He has hired czars to run this company while he and his wife are vacationing all over the world, at taxpayers’ expense.

And for the last three years has been campaigning on his record of do nothing but talk and lie about “his accomplishments.”

We are nearly $6 trillion further in debt under this big spender. He has held 134 fundraisers  trying to get re-elected, while all the presidents from Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush all combined only had 94 fundraisers.

His own House Democrats are against his stopping the “pipeline” from Canada to Texas, which would allow gasoline prices to be much lower, but he says no.

So he wants another 4 years to totally ruin this country. Those of you who believe Mr. Jim Crawford go ahead and vote to give him another 4 years.

Then we will have no Social Security, no welfare, no SSI, because our money will be worthless, as nobody will take it.

We are going broke under this man.

No, I’m not a racist. I have worked with blacks, met with blacks, prayed with blacks.

I just state what is the truth. Look it up for yourself.

And last, there is Obama’s tax the rich plan. If you tax higher than what they now pay (the top 5 percent now pay over 57 percent of all taxes) it wouldn’t pay for his spending, but it will further stop more hiring of people because they will have less money to pay workers.

Homer Campbell