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Ohio Gov. John Kasich talks jobs, drugs, broadband


During his speech at the new Ironton-Russell bridge groundbreaking, Gov. John Kasich discussed other issues facing Ohio.



“In the last year we’ve gone from 48th in job creation to the No. 5 job-creating state in America in a period of about 16 months. …”

“We have some successes with Big Sandy Furniture, Intermountain Electronics? Hadsell Chemical? Infra Metals, Federal Supply Services — these are all companies we are helping to expand or to get started. That’s good but I think we’ve only scratched the service.”

“There are unique things in southern Ohio. The cost of doing business can be low. And I think you are hungry to work. And I know you’ll give a hard day’s work for a good day’s pay. So we’re not resting. We’re not going to slow down. We’ve got to do more to help the folks of southern Ohio because it’s all about these kids, isn’t it?”


Connect Ohio

Connect Ohio is a non-profit group in the state working to provide affordable broadband Internet access to everyone in Ohio and create a better business environment and enhanced education.

“It will be the fastest moving operation in America and will compete with the Department of Energy and the ability to do high-speed activity. …”

“We’re going to bring the 100GB to Ironton, Ohio and it’s going to be a fantastic thing for southern Ohio.”



“I’m pleased to tell you, while the scourge continues, the battle is being waged. We are now having success in reducing this horrible, horrible problem of prescription drug abuse, shutting down pill mills, enforcing the registration of what people are selling. We are making progress. We have a ways to go. …”

“It’s a battle that has to continue to be waged from the beginning to the end.”