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UPDATE: Lawrence-378 now closed

High water reported on State Route 141


State Route 378 is now closed near the 1.0-mile marker, and additional high water locations are reported on State Route 141

State Route 378 is closed just north of its junction with State Route 243 at Getaway, and State Route 141 is closed between County Road 2 (Buck Creek Road) and Township Road 320 (Old Forrest Ridge Road) in the Arabia and Waterloo areas. Other routes that are closed include State Route 650 is closed between County Road 27 (Little Pine Road) and State Route 522, and State Route 217 is closed near State Route 378 at Linnville.

In addition, high water is reported in the Wilgus area on State Route 141, to the north and south of the route’s junction with State Route 775, as well as on State Route 243, near County Road 36 (McKinney Creek Road) and east of Getaway, and on State Route 378, near Township Road 220 (Trace Creek-Marion Ridge Road) and State Route 141. Although these routes are passable at this time, closure may become necessary should water continue to rise.

Motorists are reminded that crossing any closed route is strictly prohibited, and they are also reminded to exercise additional caution when traveling over any route which remains open but where standing water may be present.

For information on additional lane and road closures caused by construction, accidents, flooding or other related traffic events throughout the state, visit Buckeye Traffic on ODOT’s web site at www.buckeyetraffic.org