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Mother’s Day should never be neglected

It goes without being said that today is a special day, one for which everyone should be able to find a reason to commemorate or celebrate in some way.

Mother’s Day is set aside to recognize and say “thank you” to the women in our lives, whether they are our own mothers, the mothers of our children or simply strong women who have played instrumental roles in our development as adults and citizens.

Motherhood is a challenging role for most, although the rewards far outweigh the costs. Each of us should do our part to ensure that being a mother isn’t a thankless job.

It’s not about fancy gifts or clever cards. The most important thing is to simply show our appreciation for all these women do.

That may mean cooking a tasty dinner or taking her out to eat at a favorite restaurant. It could be taking over some extra chores this weekend. It might be allowing that special woman to sleep in a few hours today. Or it could just mean taking some time to say a prayer and reflect on a loved one who has passed away.

Ultimately, it should be about celebrating the positive impact of mothers across the world.

It is easy to take holidays like this for granted but we shouldn’t because those are life’s regrets that cannot be undone.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there who have brought a life into this world and guided them on their way.