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Fairgrounds project can’t be rushed

Like it or not, the Lawrence County Fair will be here in just a little more than a month.

The county fair board was sent scrambling last week as soil and design issues required the plans to construct a livestock barn to be reworked.

This is certainly unfortunate considering how important these two areas are to the fair and the fact that thousands of people will visit during the week of the event. But these things happen in construction projects.

It now looks as if everything is back on track and fair board officials are hopeful that it will be completed in time.

It is far more important that it is done right rather than fast. These facilities will play an integral role in the lives of thousands of 4H-ers for decades to come. Building a quality structure should be the top priority and fair board officials should start looking at contingency plans.

If the barn and arena can still be completed before the event kicks off in July, that is great.

Everyone wins.

Otherwise it is best to just look toward the future. This is especially important because, at least until the loans are paid back, the county and the taxpayers are paying for this project.

Delays and detours occur on construction projects of this nature.

The most important thing is that it is done right.