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Treasurer offering info on financial rescue programs


The second-half tax bills that will go out in about two weeks will be a little heavier than normal. But that extra weight can bring help for Lawrence County homeowners facing problems with a mortgage or delinquent tax bills.

Staff at the office of County Treasurer Stephen Burcham is stuffing the tax bills to go out the first week of June with flyers about the Save the Dream Ohio program.

“We are simply trying to provide more information to homeowners in this area who are struggling to pay their mortgage or delinquent property tax,” Burcham said. “Since 2008 there have been changes in the program and continual changes in the economy.

“The governor closed the prison and some people who may be unemployedmay be eligible.”

According to Burcham there are five programs within the Save the Dream program that can provide a variety of aid such as up to 15 months of mortgage payments or reduce delinquent principal balances.

“There are 306 banks in Ohio that participate,” Burcham said. “Most of the banks in Lawrence County participate. There is also transition assistance for those who can no longer afford to stay in their home. There is money to help them transition instead of going through foreclosure.”

And a fifth program can eliminate a mortgage completely.

“If somebody who is elderly and they have lost a spouse,” Burcham said. “If their income is reduced by half and no longer has a retirement check. This is not a scam. It is a legitimate program. It is designed to help high-risk communities and individuals that have had a negative economic impact due to circumstances beyond their control.”