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Equipment stolen from Village of Coal Grove

COAL GROVE — Weed eaters, saws and brass fittings were just some of the items stolen from an out building at Coal Grove’s water plant Monday night.

Village workers discovered the items were missing from the building on Riverside Drive Tuesday morning.

Coal Grove Police Chief Eric Spurlock said this is the fourth break-in in recent months to the building.

The suspect or suspects tried to steal a catalytic converter and battery from one of the village’s vehicles stored in the building, but were unsuccessful.

In addition to three weed eaters, three saws and various couplings and fittings, gasoline was also stolen. Spurlock said his department is still trying to determine if there are other items missing.

Based on tire tracks leading to and from the scene, Spurlock said the suspects came from the boat dock side of the building. They cut a chain on the gate and entered the building through a window. There was no structural damage done.

“We’ve called pawn shops and (scrap metal facilities) giving them a heads-up,” Spurlock said.

There are no security cameras at the building, but Spurlock said he would ask the village council to consider the purchase of security equipment at an upcoming meeting.

“The mayor and I have been trying to get it done for while now,” he said.

Spurlock said there are no leads on suspects and the case is still under investigation.