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Probation violators sentenced in CP cases

Probation violations were chief among the complaints that brought people to Lawrence County Common Pleas Court Wednesday.

Jerad Enyart, 28, of 103 Fourth St. E., South Point, admitted he violated his probation by not reporting to his probation officer, not reporting to STAR Criminal Justice Center to undergo a rehabilitation program and testing positive for oxycontin and marijuana use.

“I know I missed STAR, I know I messed up there. But my girlfriend got sent to STAR and she had been with the boys (sons) and everything. I know I did mess up and I did drugs. But I got off them before I turned myself in,” Enyart said. “I need to make sure the boys are taken care of.”

Judge D. Scott Bowling sentenced Enyart to 10 months in prison. Enyart was on probation for an earlier theft and forgery conviction.

Dustin Phelps, 26, of 114 B Freeman Court, South Point, admitted he violated his probation by failing to report and failing to pay restitution and court costs.

His attorney, Philip Heald, told Bowling he is working on getting his court costs paid and that Phelps understands now he needs to pay closer attention to the rules of his probation.

“He did do some good things. He’s trying to raise three kids and go to school. He would appreciate the opportunity to get out of jail,” Heald said.

“Have you been staying clean (not using drugs or alcohol)?” Bowling asked Phelps.

“Yes sir,” Phelps answered.

Bowling sentenced him to the amount of time he had already served in jail plus 90 days home confinement with electronic monitoring. Bowling also extended his probation by one year and ordered him to pay the restitution and costs. Phelps was on probation for an earlier forgery conviction.