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OUS academy offers vital summer camp

Although the school year has just ended, some area students have the opportunity to head to college a little early. Well, maybe a lot early.

Ohio University Southern is once again offering its Academy of Excellence program this July, a two-week camp that shows that school can be educational and entertaining at the same time.

The summer program is open to first through eighth graders and is at OUS’s Ironton campus and the Proctorville Center.

The academy has been a tremendous asset in recent years because it provides a variety of positive functions in the summer, a time when it is especially important.

First, it simply keeps children engaged in the educational process but does so by offering courses that may not seem like schoolwork.

Offerings this year include cheerleading and dance, art through nature and science, crime science, astronomy, cooking, Creative Science Investigators (CSI), introduction to Spanish, basics of theater, video production, photography, mock United Nations, journalism, art, theater and community involvement.

Secondly, the Academy provides an early introduction to the concept of going to college. Although these classes may be far different than what a student would actually experience during post secondary education, the bottom line is that it still gets students thinking about education beyond high school.

Lastly, it simply provides a safe environment for two weeks over the summer. This is very important as well.

For information, go online at www.southern.ohio.edu/ae or contact camp coordinator Lisa Cantrell at (740) 532-4543.

Most kids enjoy the break from school they get during their vacation, but it is important to find ways to promote learning all summer long.